June 22nd, 2017

City of Titans reaches Kickstarter goal

city of titans

In a matter of days the City of Titans Kickstarter project has reached its $320,000 funding goal.

Now that the goal has been reached, Missing Worlds Media are focusing on their stretch goals which were recently added to the Kickstarter page. The next target is $350,000 which is an Android port of the Avatar Builder. The Avatar Builder will be released before the a game, if my memory serves me correctly, allowing backers to theory-craft their superheroes.

A MacOS version of the game will be released if they hit that magic $450,000 mark, but with 28 days still to go they could even surpass that milestone.

It’s great news for fans of the superhero MMO genre so keep an eye on this one, it’s exciting stuff from what started out as a community project. It also proves that if you set your mind to it and sink a load of free time into something you’re passionate about, great things can be achieved.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Tin_Foil

      I guess NCSoft knew best when they declared the “City of” games ‘end of life’ and not worth supporting.

    • SwallowHog

      NCSoft can go suck a chode, Yay City of Titans, thinking about it gives me a massive erection.

    • Just Me

      I was going to donate to the kickstarter because as a loyal customer of CoH since Issue 3 I really wanted something similar to play. The more I thought about it though I simply wasn’t willing to place my money on a group of people who have absolutely no experience creating or running an MMO. If; and that’s a HUGE IF, this game does eventually see the light of day I will purchase my copy and play, but I don’t see that happening.

    • Magma Fist

      I agree, Just Me, but I took a chance and as the saying goes ‘bet only what you can afford to lose’. Their gameplay video was not anywhere near to convincing me they have the talent(I thought it was a joke and shouldn’t have been shown) but some faith has come from reading their forums and answers in interviews that they do have an idea what they are doing. The next 6-12 months will be the real telltale sign once they have the tools they said they need.

      I just hope they haven’t robbed all the funds that people are willing to take a chance on from the other two projects. It sounds like Valiance Online will be releasing some REAL gameplay video in the next few weeks. They have kept low-key and I am unsure about them but if they pull off their pre-alpha and complete website redesign as indicated, to me it would put them at the top of the list as most worthy of funds as MWM and H&V are mostly just a bunch of words, good intentions and promises with little to show at this time. If VO does pull it off with an impressive showing, I hope people are willing to open their wallets again.

      We don’t know how any of the 3 projects will turn out and one of them may stand out as the worthy successor to City of Heroes. I just hope that is the one that will get the needed funds.