September 5th, 2017

Civilization: Beyond Earth art is definitely arty

Civilization: Beyond Earth art is definitely arty

You’d normally expect concept art around the time of the first screens – or earlier – but Civilization: Beyond Earth is giving it to us a short while before launch.

Four pieces of concept art have been released, and you can view them below. For full effect, have a listen to this while viewing! And if you understand that reference then you are a dinosaur.

Civilization Beyond Earth - 01
First up, we have this lovely drawing of a space marine from Ben Smith, aged 12. The piece is apparently a “Battlesuit” concept. I particularly like the use of vehicles at the bottom of the picture, which give you a real sense of scale.
Civilization Beyond Earth - 02
Jane Monroe, aged 9, has sent in this wonderful sketch of a satellite. Take particular note of the use of shading on the lower parts of the satellite – truly spectacular. Well done, Jane!
Civilization Beyond Earth - 03
This piece here – called “Xeno Titan” – is apparently to do with the Harmony affiliation, and was sent in by John Johnson who turns 10 tomorrow. John, you may want to consider therapy.
Civilization Beyond Earth - 04
Our final entry into The Gallery is this smashing picture by Tony Willingham, aged 6 1/2. This is apparently an “Angel” from the Supremacy affiliation. Lovely detail on the legs, there, Tony.

Note: these pictures were not drawn by Ben Smith, Jane Monroe, John Johnson, or Tony Willingham, because they are all fictional. They were actually drawn by professional concept artists working on Civilization: Beyond Earth. I don’t think I really need to give that disclaimer, but you never know.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is due out on 24 October.

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