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I’ll do whatever you say if you’ll just stop looking at me like that.

Okay, “make planetfall” is a bit dramatic but it sounds so much more exotic than “are released to press by a PR company”. The result is the same: more screenshots from Civilization: Beyond Earth have appeared courtesy of Gamescom.

Granted, Civilization: Beyond Earth is the type of title that benefits more from descriptions or demonstrations of systems than static images, but if you fancy some of that there’s always this 50 minute video series going over the opening few turns in the game.

These images, meanwhile, should give you the opportunity to stare at various parts of the user interface. You also get a look at a couple of faction representatives: Suzanne Fielding of the American Reclamation Corporation (ARC) and Vadim Kozlov of the Slavic Federation. Kozlov looks … quite intense. It’s highly possible you’ve seen them before, but if not, here’s your chance.

There’s also a shot of the ‘virtues’ tree, and quite a few that seem to show combat of various types. Inter-factional mechanised fighting, or just somebody slogging it out with the indigenous alien population.

Civilization: Beyond Earth will be released on 24 October. You can view the screenshot gallery, below.


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