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Civilization Online brings MMO gameplay to the franchise but only in Asia

Developed by XL Games and driven by CryEngine 3, the popular Civilization series is being made into an MMO called Civilization Online.

Firaxis is not behind this one and neither is Sid Meier, instead this game is being created by the South Korean based studio under the guidance of Jake Song, the chap behind the hugely popular Lineage.

In this game players take on the role of an individual character after selecting a faction and then comes exploration, building,  crafting and fighting other players. Gone are any turn-based elements but the progression through key historic time periods is still there as it’s fundamental part of any Civ game. Victory will be determined by which culture progresses over what are described as sessions which are reset periodically.

More than 100 developers are involved in this project and if an MMO version of Civ is something you’ve been hankering for, the bad news is that it’s only been announced for the Asian market. For now at least.

Let’s just pretend we’ll all be playing it and enjoy the trailer shall we, and you can read more on the game over on MMORPG.