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Another week, another free game courtesy of the Epic Games Store. Last week, swarms of people all around gathered and utterly decimated the store front’s servers trying to nab a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Today, however, the fervor might be a little more subdued, unless Gandhi gets his damn nukes again. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is up for grabs today. And, thanks to a possible leak, we may know the identities of the next two games.

Civilization VI is the latest in the storied simulation franchise. The turn-based 4X game made its debut in late 2016, garnering high praise, and later received large expansion packs. Civilization VI — and generally the whole series — is the strategic embodiment of “just one more turn,” allowing you to grow and expand your civilization across a world of hexagonal grids. You begin with a small tribe and eventually build entire cities, working toward one of several victories.

Recently, developer Firaxis revealed the New Frontier Pass. It will be a series of six packs, all featuring new civilizations, leaders, and extra content. The version of Civilization VI free today is just the base game. The Epic Games Store is selling the expansions and the New Frontier Pass as separate add-ons.

Looking down the road

With two mystery games revealed, one may wonder about the next free games. According to a leak posted to Reddit nearly a week ago, we may have a good idea. At the time of posting, we didn’t have a lot of evidence to support that the four games leaked were indeed real. Grand Theft Auto V was the first on the list, but anyone could have simply made up the other three for some of the sweet, sweet karma.

But now it looks like it could be real. If so, then the next two games are Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (coming May 28), and ARK: Survival Evolved (coming June 4). A bit of a disappointing finisher, for sure.

Head to the free games section of the Epic Games Store to secure your copy of Civilization VI.

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