The latest Civ to be confirmed by promotional trailer in Civilization VI is Brazil, who will be led by Pedro II; ruler of the country during the height of its naval power in the 1800s. He was also nicknamed “the Magnanimous” for his enlightened patronage of the arts and sciences.

In Civilization VI, ‘Magnanimous’ is Pedro II’s special power. It allows him to recoup some of the cost when recruiting or patronising a ‘Great Person’. Brazil’s unique district is the Carnivale, which replaces the entertainment district. Once complete, the Carnivale project awards additional Great Person points.

Brazil’s unique unit is the Minas Geraes battleship. This has improved defenses and ranged combat.

In additional to all that, Brazil gets adjacency bonuses for building districts next to rain-forests. It’s up to the player whether to develop on their rain-forests, or leave them be for the bonuses.

Here’s the video.

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