Civilization VI crashing on start-up. Players suddenly being locked out – Solved

Civilization VI crashing on start-up. Players suddenly being locked out – Solved

Reports are coming in this evening from players that Civilization VI has stopped working as you start the game.

This new problem appears to have come out the blue and it’s happening to players who have been playing the game fine for the past couple of days. The cinematics load but then the game freezes and locks on a black screen.

It’s hard to ascertain what is causing this but it is definitely happening when players try to load a game with many reporting it simply won’t launch. Some players have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, changed drivers, but nothing appears to work.

There’s no update from 2K on this issue as it’s a relatively new problem but it might be an idea to keep an eye on the Steam discussions page for a response from 2k in the coming hours.

If this is happening to you, also log the issue via 2K support.

Update: Some players are having some success by disabling Windows 10 Defender. Give that a shot and see if the problem is resolved.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Jc Pocket

      This just started happening to me, I hope it fixes it self as suddenly as it started.

      I emailed tech support.

      • Sergio Abreu

        same here

        • Jc Pocket

          Turning off windows defender did it for me

    • Grayson Tadman

      Turning Off Windows Defender worked for me

      • Marcelo Grisa

        Will try it. A hell to play right now.

      • Marcelo Grisa

        Exactly! Thanks a lot, Grayson.
        Defender is a real pain in the ass for gaming – not the first time it cramped my ability to play something out of the blue.

        • Ben Doerflinger

          I added an exception within Defender for the whole Steam folder and that seems to have fixed it

        • Clinton_Molly_Mollomini

          same here i dont know why it just started today for me this problem was there an update to the defender program as this just started outta the blue

      • Jc Pocket

        Fixed it for me!

    • Aaron George

      Defender was messing up my system too. Once I disabled the Cloud-based Protection option (which looks like it was added today), I was able to load my game.

      • Marcelo Grisa

        For me it was the real-time defense… Maybe the combination of defenses on W10 PC makes it unplayable?

    • Ben Winchester

      Further proof that Firaxis does not release finished products.

      • Jeremy Alexander

        It’s a problem with Windows Defender, not Firaxis. It’s because MS is a garbage company with garbage products. Classic games like Fallout 4 aren’t even playable on W10. But hey, why be informed when you can just come on to a forum and make a stupid comment, right champ?

        • Ben Winchester

          Firaxis has a long, horrible history of putting out half-finished games. And while I love many of the neat new aspects of this game, Civ VI is no exception. The game is not finished. It does not have that polished feel that makes it easy and fun to play. I broke my own rule and bought the game shortly after release, and I’m already regretting it.

          Here are a few of the bugs or missing features found over a few hours of play tonight:

          – There’s no way to make units wait.
          – Repairing pillaged tiles with builders is non-intuitive.
          – The Expert Marksman upgrade works incorrectly, allowing double-shots even when the unit has moved.
          – Sometimes units do not heal, even when left fortified for a long time.
          – There’s nothing to indicate which units will receive bonus experience from combat. (a perk of building units in cities with barracks or armory).

          – You can’t scroll around the map.
          – The map doesn’t recenter, which makes going around the edges a pain.

          – There’s no way to tell where your city’s tiles will expand next, or when.
          – The production screen on the right often overlaps with the city summary pop-up on the bottom-right.
          – When a city finishes building something, it usually says that it’s completed the wrong thing. E.g., “Ancient Walls Completed!” when it just finished building a granary.
          – Costs to building stuff mysteriously goes up, with no good explanation why. In Civ 5, they clearly laid out why things went up in costs (e.g., “building another city will increase culture costs of policies by 7%”). Not so here.

          Diplomacy is partly borked:
          – Japan asked me to go to war with them, and then denounced me as a warmonger a few turns later because of this.
          – When being asked to go to war, there’s no indication of what the warmonger effects will be.
          – It takes way too long to get through diplomacy screens. The game drags here.

          – The alerts tell me deals that I made. (Yes, I already know I just went to war. Thanks. I didn’t need my delegate to tell me.)

          – Some things don’t show up in Civilopedia. For instance: my Great Admiral has the ability to form an armada. What’s an armada? Nobody knows.
          – pressing Escape doesn’t exit out of most menus or popups.

          I’m sure you can find your own.

          • Lazerbeak @Grumpyboyold

            tbf most AAA title developers release half finished games these days, I don’t even bother to play AAA games on day 1 I wait for the patch

    • Cameron Van Hulsentop
    • Yosharian


    • Resender

      ok I’m on WIn 7 Pro,same issue game chrashes, I went and checked WIn Def, the system claimed defender was on so, turned it on and off and reinstalled the game