It’s not quite 1001 nights long, but the latest Civ summary trailer for Civilization VI takes a look at Arabia. Their leader is Saladin; noted scholar, and a man with the ‘Righteousness of the Faith’ ability.

Thanks to this, Arabia’s worship buildings cost very little faith to construct and produces bonuses in faith, culture and science. This ties in well with Arabia’s overall special ability, which is ‘The Last Prophet’. When the next-to-last Great Prophet is claimed, Arabia will automatically receive the last one (if they haven’t already got their prophet). This guarantees that Arabia will always be able to found a religion in Civilization VI.

The unique unit for Arabia is the Mamluk, a knight replacement able to heal at the end of every turn (even if it moved or attacked). Their unique building is the Madrasa, generating more science than a university and gaining faith bonuses for campus adjacency.

Civilization VI is out on 21 October. Here’s the trailer.

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