Cliffy B and Boss Key’s BlueStreak revealed as PC arena shooter

boss key productions
A Boss Key logo, yesterday.

The drip-feed of information about Boss Key’s BlueStreak continues, with details today of what sort of game it’ll be. Last time out, Tim fished out the details surrounding Boss Key’s creation by Cliff Bleszinski and word that “Project BlueStreak” was probably the game being made.

It was indeed the game being made, but although Tim had a left-field hope that BlueStreak pointed to some kind of Jazz Jackrabbit-esque platformer (with muscles and guns) that’s turned out not to be the case. Sorry, Jazz Jackrabbit fans.

Instead, Mr. Bleszinski (let’s keep this formal) says the game will be the following:

It’s free-to-play! Burn everything! Okay, I guess there aren’t any details of HOW it’ll be free-to-play out there yet, so hold back the torches. Anybody following Cliffy on twitter during his brief retirement period will know that him opting to go free-to-play isn’t a tremendous surprise.

In a further tweet, he adds that more details will be forthcoming about aspects like free-to-play.

As mentioned there, Nexon will be publishing BlueStreak. Paul reminds me that the same company are publishing the Splash Damage-developed Dirty Bomb, so clearly they’re looking to get some pedigree behind their free-to-play releases.

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