Gamigo and developer Drago Entertainament have today launched the Beta testing for their post-apocalyptic MMORPG Grimlands.
    This Beta test will be focusing on  server stability, optimization of the network code and testing new features such as new dungeons, weather events, new vehicles, the game’s crafting system which has received a complete overhaul, and better building plans are unlocked by increasing one’s skill level.
    New features added to this test include:

    PhysX physical engine implemented
    12 new dungeons
    Complex weather system (dynamic clouds, rain and other weather patterns)
    Crafting system overhauled, new professions for specialization
    New vehicles with the PhysX physical engine
    Vehicles can cause damage
    Vehicles can be equipped with weapons and armoring
    Vehicles consume gasoline
    New graphics effects

    For more info on the game check out the official website.

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