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Cloud Chamber has been dated, priced, and launch trailer-ed

Cloud Chamber - 14

Investigate North’s social FMV adventure/thriller/ARG Cloud Chamber has been dated and priced.

Specifically, it’ll be out on 7 August (which is a week on Thursday) and it’ll cost you $19.99/€14.99/£11.99, with a 10% launch discount also available.

Cloud Chamber has you explore a dreamy datascape in which you watch videos, read notes, and generally try to piece together the events surrounding the Petersen Institute. Along the way you’ll uncover betrayal, murder, and – possibly – some rather important revelations regarding the fabric of space. Every single node of information also has an attached message board of sorts, where you can converse with other players to jointly piece together the story.

I spent a few hours with the beta earlier this month, and while I can’t say I was entirely convinced that I’d want to spend a lot longer with Cloud Chamber, a fair bit of that possibly came down to the fact that I don’t really partake in ARGs. You can have a read of my early thoughts over here. Launch trailer below!