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Cloud Chamber video discusses astrophysics; astronaut AMA


Two bits of interesting Cloud Chamber news, today: a video, and an AMA with an astronaut.

First off, then, the video. It’s only a minute and a half long, but it discusses the nature of Cloud Chamber, a little bit of astrophysics, and has some postulations about whether or not the signal the game’s characters have found is something genuinely interesting… or if it’s just an anomaly which they’re making bigger than it is, through their own fears and hopes.

Secondly, there’s going to be a Reddit AMA a little later on today with ESA astronaut Andreas Mogenson. Head over to Reddit – presumably the AMA Subreddit – at 12pm EST/5pm BST/6pm GMT, and you can discuss all sorts of space-related things. Ask about his upcoming flight to the International Space Station, or talk about training, or simply discuss the joys of the cosmos! Whatever you like.

I’ve spent a few hours with Cloud Chamber over the past couple of days, and I imagine my preview of it will be up sometime later on today. Eyes peeled, and all that.