Chris Roberts has finally laid out plans for Star Citizen’s release schedule.

It all starts with the FPS beta on Spring 2015. On this date, players will also be able to access the games social components and different modes in a part of the game called planetside.

Then, in summer, Arena Commander 2.0 will go live, adding the ability for ships with multiple crews. As of right now, backers can play the ships together, but this will allow them to assign people in the bridge, turrets, etc.

This fall will see the release of Squadron 42, the game’s singple player campaign. Near the end of the year, the persistent universe itself will go on live alpha.

Finally, the game will see commercial release in 2016.

Regarding funding, Chris is happy to report they are not close to the $ 70 million mark, and are now gunning for $ 100 million.

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