Cloudpunk Streets

Indie game developer Ion Lands has revealed Cloudpunk, a beautiful cyberpunk game where you play as a courier. The game isn’t just about getting packages from point A to point B; Cloudpunk also boasts an intriguing story.

And it’s damn pretty to look at. Now, I’m admittedly a bit of a sucker when it comes to stylized visuals, and Cloudpunk is no slouch. The game is steeped in crisp and vibrant voxel graphics. Whereas cyberpunk is traditionally a tad dreary, Cloudpunk¬†is adept in using color to highlight the conventional shade.

Cloudpunk Takeoff

Our Crew Is Replaceable. Your¬†Package Isn’t.

In the game, you play as Rania, a courier driver for Cloudpunk, Inc. You work for this “semi-legal delivery company,” and the city of Nivalis is your beat. It’s your first day on the job, and you must take packages all throughout the city. From down in the city’s foundations in the Marrow to the clouds above, you must deliver the package to its destination as fast as possible. Just don’t crash your ride.

Ion Lands promises an “immense vertical cyberpunk city,” full of life. You can drive around, sure, but you can also interact with the world and its denizens on foot. There are androids to meet, as well as AI personalities, and, of course, your typical dregs of human society. Decision making also takes an important role, as your choices can shape the lives of some of the characters you meet. On foot, you can also stumble on secret areas with items that you can use for certain quests.

The streets of Cloudpunk are alive. People walk by noisy clubs blasting light and the thumps of music, and enormous holographic billboards advertising companies and products are splashed on the sides of buildings. For an indie game, the devotion to the cyberpunk aesthetic is rather remarkable.

Cloudpunk will release for Steam next year. For more information, hit up the Steam page or the official site.

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