April 6th, 2017

CME’s Financial Details Released

A post on the Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment website has revealed details of the company’s financial situation, following the recent news that the company filed for chapter 11 bankcrupcy.

Information in the post, which was addressed to CME investors, show that the company has debts of up to $2 million USD. However, a further $10.1 million USD may be payable to claimants through five outstanding complaints where both CME and CMG (Cheyenne Mountain Gaming) have been named.

On top of this dire news, the company still owes $1.1 million USD in wages to its staff, all of whom have been laid off now, meaning that no development is taking place.

Sad news for those who were looking forward to the MMO, Stargate Worlds, which has been in development for some time.

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