COD: Elite buckles under weight of users

You may be aware that a little game going by the name of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released last night to the usual ruckus that accompanies such mega-releases. It seems that the mega-release was a little too mega, the Call of Duty: Elite partner service struggling to take the strain of user numbers.
“We are aware of the issue,” says one Tweet from the official COD: Elite Twitter account. “[The] surge of new Elite registrations is creating registration and login issues. Teams are now working to increase capacity.”
COD: Elite is essentially a fancy stat-tracking service that also incorporates tournaments and other social networking features. Premium members (£34.99 per year) also receive DLC map packs, video content and Spec Ops missions. The console edition of the service is the real-deal, with PC users having to settle for a scaled back service due it being an “insecure platform” (according to Elite developers Beachhead).