Mike Maulbeck, the developer who threatened to kill Gabe Newell on Twitter over problems with publishing Paranautical Activity on Steam, has left the company behind the game, Code Avarice.

Mike has also given a proper apology on the official Code Avarice blog. He states that his temper and habit of venting online have been issues since he started in game development, and he feels he is not capable of being the public face of a company.

Mike also explains he has taken this action to spare the other people in Code Avarice from Valve’s action. Paranautical Activity was worked on by five people, and he hopes that if Valve will not bring the game back on Steam, they will at least relent and agree to work with Code Avarice in the future.

Mike has sold his half of the company completely to Code avarice’s cofounder Travis Pfenning. He makes it clear that he will no longer have any hand in the development or business side of the company.

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