Codemasters Hiring Staff Dirt 5 Ford Escort Rally

Racing game specialist Codemasters has begun hiring staff for its next game under the EA umbrella. Among the hires was a new vacancy for a development manager. According to the job listing, this is in preparation for the “biggest game that Codemasters has made in over a decade!”

The development manager will be responsible for handling the production of the title. That includes tasks like motioning progress, managing team resources, and logging work where necessary. It will be a production-oriented role so whoever gets the job won’t be too involved in any of the creative aspects of game development.


What is this “biggest game?”

Codemasters wanting to produce more ambitious titles moving forward shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. With Electronic Arts acquiring the British studio earlier this year, it likely has more resources to work with than ever before. Hiring more staff to join the team is a great way of channeling those resources into producing better games.

Although, it’s not as though Codemasters were an indie-sized studio before the takeover. Some of its leading titles like the F1 games, Dirt, and Grid are among the most successful racing games on the market. Furthermore, Codemasters itself acquired Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios in 2019.

Given this, the idea of Codemasters expanding further and creating bigger games is incredibly exciting. With enough support from Electronic Arts, it’s possible that Codemasters will begin to produce racing games on the scale of blockbuster titles like Forza Horizon 5. It’s important to note that this listing is for Codemasters Cheshire too, the team behind Dirt 5. That particular Codemasters studio contains a bunch of ex-Evolution Studios team members, giving even more reason to expect a big AAA offering.

Dirt 5 Career mode details Codemasters racing game October release date

We likely will not see this game for several years, as Dirt 5 isn’t even a year old. Developing a large-scale racing game is a time consuming task. Who knows, it may even be an open-world racing game that requires even more resources and time to create. Either way, the future of Codemasters under EA’s leadership has the potential to be fantastic for racing game fans.

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