Coffee Talk Toge Productions release date

There are games that absolutely test your nerves at every turn, as well as games that deliver action-packed scenarios. But then there are indie games that catch you off guard, like Toge Productions’ enchanting Coffee Talk.

Set to release later this week, this indie title looks like a real charmer for those that like to get into conversation and make relaxing drinks. And it’s not drinks for the typical crowd, either — it’s for unusual creatures like aliens and succubi.

Feel like talking over a warm drink?

In the game, you’ll run across a number of customers that stop by your shop. They vary by type, from elves to aliens, each with their own individual problems.

As your discussion begins, you’ll take a look at what ingredients you have in stock and make them a drink based on what they ask for. After making it, the conversation continues, and you’ll get to know them a little better. It’s the kind of experience you don’t normally get from an alternatively based coffee shop.

The storylines branch out, not from the conversations but rather from what you serve the customers. Sure, you can be a real jerk, but you can also try to be a humanitarian (where they aren’t) and see where it goes from there.

Coffee Talk benefits from a simple yet elegant retro visual style to bring the characters to life. There’s no shortage of detail here, particularly with colors and character design. And there’s also some sweet jazzy and lo-fi music that plays in the background, so each experience sounds as unique as it looks.

The game is meant to “make you think, feel and rest both your body and your soul,” according to Toge Productions on the game’s official product page. So if that sounds like the experience for you, consider Coffee Talk well worth your service.

It arrives on Steam and other platforms on Jan. 29. There’s a demo available in case you want to try before you buy.

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