June 22nd, 2017

Cold calling: Poppermost shows off winter sport-y SNOW

Snow - 2

If you’re fed up with the ridiculous summer weather we’ve been having, you’re probably dreaming of SNOW. Wishing and praying and hoping for SNOW. How fortunate for us that three-man indie dev Poppermost Productions are bringing SNOW to the PC!

SNOW is a free-to-play winter sports game built in CryENGINE 3, offering free exploration of a snow-capped mountain on skis or snowboards. You can take part in solo or multiplayer events (or just tool around making your own path), attempt to climb the leaderboards, unlock special items, and customise your character with a load of real-world brands. I’m going to guess that the latter will be where microtransactions will come in, but there’s no real world on any of the payment options yet.

In truth, SNOW sounds interesting to me if only because exploring a pretty environment on skis or snowboard actually sounds pretty fun, and if it gets a decent sense of speed down this might be one to watch.

An alpha release is due out later this year, and the game will be displayed a bit more at Gamescom. Four icy screenshots below.