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Prop Hunt has featured in various Call of Duty titles before. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is no different, and the gametype’s popularity has continued. Prop Hunt provides a different experience to the majority of other game modes which involve running and gunning down enemy players. This fan-favorite light-hearted game mode has recently benefitted from the addition of new props and maps in the matchmaking rotation. However, a game breaking bug is taking the fun out of the Prop Hunt mode. By taking advantage of the sloping mechanic, players have been able to get underneath the map.

A clip of the frustrating Prop Hunt bug has been shared on Reddit. Using the sloping feature is popular among Prop Hunt players. It allows you to blend even further into your surroundings. This makes it more difficult for the enemy team to hunt you down. As you can see from the clip, if you slope your prop enough times, you can eventually find yourself under the map. As a result, the enemy team has no idea where the prop is. To make things worse, the player that managed to get under the map in the video appears to taunt the attacking team who is unable to shoot at it.

It’s always something

It appears that the bug is becoming more prominent with more players experiencing similar issues. As sloping is a popular feature, it is likely that the bug will continue, even if players find themselves underneath the map by mistake. As a result, it will be almost impossible for the attackers to win the rounds.

Despite this, the Prop Hunt bug allowing players to travel under the map is arguably not as damaging as the returning invisibility bugs in Warzone. You can keep an eye on the bugs and glitches that Treyarch is working to fix on the Black Ops Cold War Trello Board.

This is why ‘sloping’ in Prop Hunt needs to be gone for good. from blackopscoldwar

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