Runic Games has announced that there’ll be a stress test of the Torchlight 2 servers this weekend, which means more beta invites will be going out to interested parties. Indeed, “many more beta codes” will be sent to people who’ve signed up to take part.
It’s not too late to do so, so if you’re interested follow the source link below.
The stress test will run from 11.00am PDT today (about an hour from when I’m writing this) until the same time on 22 May.
Invitations will be staggered throughout the weekend test, so don’t give up hope if you don’t receive one immediately. While you’re waiting, you could take a look at our preview of the game or watch the first hour of the beta in the video below.
According to Runic, the beta will end “shortly after this last big network test”. The full version of Torchlight 2 is due for release on PC and Mac later this summer.

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