EA has dated Command & Conquer 4.Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight will hit store shelves on 19 March 2010 in Europe and 16 March 2010 in America.Command & Conquer 4 takes the series in a startling new direction, removing much of the base-building and resource-collecting of past titles, focusing instead on one single mobile, upgradeable building that produces all of your units. The idea, it seems, is to make the game a lot more fluid and action-packed, but also more accessible through tougher units.Great for multiplayer, obviously, but the persistent levelling system means that unlocks earned in one mode (like multiplayer) will also be accessible in others (like single player). Combine this with a story that promises to finally finish Kane’s plot arc and it’s something that we think fans will be clamouring for, even if only to moan about how the old games were better. Pre-ordering will also net gamers a few bonuses, including access to the closed beta, the full game soundtrack, and a bonus single player mission that leads into the main plot of C&C4.We’ve enjoyed what we’ve played so far, anyway. Check out our single-player hands-on and stay tuned for our forthcoming multiplayer hands-on.

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