company of heroes 2 western front

“We need more tanks.” “Sherman?” “Yes, I’m sure.”

Relic is hunkered down over the military logistics table, ready to call up two new armies to Company of Heroes 2. The newly announced expansion is called Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies, which may not be the most imaginative name but it does get the point across.

For $20.00 USD Western Front will add eight new (and seasonal) Western Front maps to the game as well as two whole new armies: US forces and German Oberkommando West. Specifics aren’t outlined in the news release, but each will obviously have unique infantry, vehicles, abilities and upgrades to deploy.

If you want though, you could just pay a stand-alone price of $13.00 USD for one army and access to the Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer. All 31 official multiplayer maps will be available to play in auto-match multiplayer for all players, regardless of combination of Company of Heroes 2 DLC they own. So, as I understand it, you could just pay for (say) the US and then hop into auto-match multiplayer.

As a bit of a tease, Relic mentions that Western Front will also introduce “a new progression system that introduces other unique content into the game and enables players to dive deeper into the tactical and strategic aspects of the game,” but doesn’t expand on what that might be. Presumably this update will also roll out across Company of Heroes 2 and not be restricted to those who have the expansion. It certainly sounds that way.

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies is due for release in June.

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