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Company of Heroes 2’s free Rostov map trailed

Company-of-Heroes-2-E3-2013-4-1024x682 Company of Heroes 2's free Rostov map trailed

If you’ve been desperate for new Company of Heroes 2 maps, you’ll probably be happy to hear that two new ones will be released tomorrow for free. That’s a price I can get behind.

Those two maps are Kharkov and Rostov. Kharkov is a battle for up to four players around the Ukranian city of the same name, while Rostov – which is featured in the below trailer – is an icy battlefield based around a frozen river, for up to six players.

Tomorrow will also see the launch of the Case Blue mini-pack for the Theater of War mode, which will be free to those who pre-ordered and those who own the Collector’s Edition of Company of Heroes 2.

Once again: both maps out for free on 24 September.

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