Company of Heroes 2 game director Quinn Duffy has said that he’s aware some people may find it difficult to play as Russia as the good guys. 
However, in the end, Duffy believes the human side of the story will outweigh any existing political viewpoints held by a western audience.
“I think some people may find it a little difficult.,” said Duffy. “But, the fact that we’re telling the story of the frontline soldier and their struggle and hardships… that’s something that’s very human and relatable to everyone, east or west.
“Not everyone understands just how difficult the conditions of this front were. The Russians are fighting the Germans, but they’re struggling to do that under the rigid communist structure they found themselves under. They were fighting for a freedom that never really appeared, even after the war, and there’s something very tragic and compelling about that. That will always be the thing that stays with me, just how brave and tough these guys were and I think the western audience can relate to that.”
Our preview of Company of Heroes 2 will be live tomorrow morning. Make sure you check back then.

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