Company of Heroes 3: British Forces Battlegroups guide

Company Of Heroes 3 British Forces Battlegroups Guide
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Company of Heroes 3 has a skirmish mode that allows you to choose from four different factions, including the British Forces. You’ll notice a mix of troops from all over the Commonwealth, as well as top-notch support from air and naval units. Here’s our Company of Heroes 3 British Forces Battlegroups guide to help you with the different doctrines and perks that you can use.

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Company of Heroes 3 British Forces Battlegroups guide

As with other Company of Heroes 3 Battlegroups, the British Forces faction allows you to select from three main options or branches. Once you earn enough commander points (i.e., XP) and pick one, you’ll be locked-in. Your selection will then have a couple of trees with multiple perks.

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Indian Artillery

Here are the Indian Artillery options for the Company of Heroes 3 British Forces Battlegroups. These focus primarily on concentrated barrages with your field guns, as well as the might of the Gurkhas.

Tier Infantry Assault Artillery Support
1 Volunteer Infantry – Reduces recruitment cost and time for all infantry units by 33%. Towed ML 4.2-inch Heavy Mortar – Deploys a truck towing a heavy mortar.
Valor – Improves offense and defense of infantry squads as they take casualties. Artillery Saturation – All artillery units and mortars fire additional shells during barrages.
2 Gurkha Rifles Section – Deploys a Gurkha Rifle squad. Off-map Airburst Barrage – Designate an airburst barrage over a target location.
3 Pillage – Gain resources when infantry units kill opposing infantry or destroy vehicles. Perimeter Monitor – Designates off-map artillery to overwatch friendly sectors.
War Cry – Activate to increase the speed and offense of all infantry units. BL5.5 Artillery Emplacement – Enables Royal Engineers to construct artillery emplacements.

British Armored

Here are the Armored options for the Company of Heroes 3 British Forces Battlegroups. This is where you’ll find an assortment of tanks and vehicle boosts.

Tier Heavy Armor Support Field Support and Logistics
1 Rigorous Vehicle Training – Increases the XP gain of all vehicle units. Engineer Detachments – Reduces the deployment and reinforce cost of Royal Engineers by 25%.
Radio Net – Activate to increase vehicle accuracy, sight, and rate of fire.
2 Crusader AA Medium Tank – Deploy a Crusader AA Medium Tank. Light Vehicle Withdraw and Refit – Order a light vehicle to be withdrawn from the battlefield.
Forward Repair Assembly – Allows Royal Engineers to construct this building.
3 Churchill IV Heavy Tank – Deploy a Churchill IV Heavy Tank. Recon Artillery – Designate a recon loiter on an area; calls in artillery strikes against hostile units.
Churchill Black Prince Heavy Tank – Deploy a Churchill Black Prince Heavy Tank. Designate Targets – Recon loiter over an area that will mark hostile targets.

British Air and Sea

Here are the Air and Sea options for the Company of Heroes 3 British Forces Battlegroups. You’ll be able to use paratroopers and naval bombardments to aid your squads.

Tier Royal Navy Support Royal Air Force
1 Supply Surplus – Resource Points can be upgraded with Resource Caches and Strategic Points can be upgraded with Field Infirmaries. Commando Section Paradrop – Paradrops a squad of Commandos.
Naval Blockade – When active, prevents enemies from capturing neutral territory and resource points.
2 Centaur Medium Tank – Deploy a Centaur Medium Tank. M1 Pack Howitzer Paradrop – Paradrops a howitzer.
Commando LMG Section Paradrop – Paradrops a Commando unit armed with light machine guns.
3 Assault Flares – Illuminates all frontline sectors with flares; increases infantry speed and offense while active. Incendiary Bombing Run – Designates an incendiary bombing run over a target area.
Naval Bombardment – Designate a naval barrage on a target area. Anti-Tank Rocket Loiter – Designate two Hawker Typhoons to overwatch an area, striking hostile vehicles that enter it.

Company of Heroes 3 is available via Steam.

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