The forthcoming Company of Heroes 2.600 patch has been detailed by Relic through the Company of Heroes community site.While there are no specifics, the information given does give us an overview of what we can expect.”The main objective of patch 2.600 is to fix some key bugs, not to make wide sweeping changes to the game,” the page reads. Those key bugs follow:Heavy Machine Guns. We will be introducing a fix to the current delay for an HMG switching windows when in a building and return proper operation for British emplacements and other units that were affected by patch 2.502.Fix the Pak 38 camouflage stacking bonus modifier that increases the gun’s damage beyond the intended effect.Commonly known as the ‘burst fire bug,’ we will address an issue that allowed some units to ignore their weapon cooldowns.We are introducing a new map for Panzerkreig along with a fix for the free defensive infantry bug. Some balance changes will also be incorporated for the Panzerkreig tanks.No release window is estimated, with the page stating that the full patch notes will be posted when the patch is near release, but Relic have been awfully speedy with patches lately.

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