Conan Chop Chop gets delayed to 2020 to add online multiplayer

Conan Chop Chop delayed multiplayer online

Conan Chop Chop has been delayed — but for a really good reason. The publisher Funcom confirmed the change earlier today via press release. According to Funcom, developer Mighty Kingdom has been given the go-ahead to include a requested feature: online multiplayer. The delay will push Conan Chop Chop into an early 2020 release.

Initially, Conan Chop Chop didn’t have online multiplayer. The hack-and-slash game set in the Conan universe with sentient potato people included only couch co-op. However, the companies decided that continuing development to make the game fully online was worth the extra development time.

Conan Chop Chop delayed online multiplayer

“We had an absolute blast showcasing the game at E3 and Gamescom earlier this year,” said Mighty Kingdom CEO Philip Mayes in a press release. “It was especially gratifying to see how much fun people had playing the game in co-op mode. The teamwork, the banter, the way people moved ever so sneakily towards their near-death companions in order to pick up their gold when they fall… We couldn’t have been happier with the reception.

“One of the things we get to do with the extra time is expand multiplayer from just couch co-op to also include full online multiplayer. This has undoubtedly been the most requested feature after we started showing off the game, so we’re very excited for the opportunity to bring that in.”

Funcom said that the delay will allow the developer to work on other features. But it didn’t specify what features other than the online multiplayer mode.

Chop ’til you drop

Conan Chop Chop is an action-adventure roguelike for up to four players. The game includes several characters to play, including the infamous Cimmerian himself, Conan. The game looks friendly and cute, but don’t let that fool you. Living up to the franchise name, Conan Chop Chop has plenty of blood, gore, and, well, chopping. You crush your enemies, see them driven before you, then use some gold to buy new weapons or giant mutton legs.

Conan Chop Chop will chop its way onto PC via Steam early 2020.

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