Conan Exiles

While it’s great to do stuff on foot in Conan Exiles (depending on the player, of course), nothing beats riding a loyal steed. So there’s good news for fans of the hit Funcom game, as the latest update now allows players to ride foals. Not only that, they can properly train them and use them in the midst of battle, thanks to mounted combat.

Ride your way to glory in Conan Exiles

With the update, which is available now, players can acquire horses that will help quite a bit when it comes to travel time. In addition, you’ll be able to use them for jousting, swinging swords, or even firing arrows on horseback. No more having to do everything on foot here, warriors.

In addition, Funcom is also bringing in a new follower leveling system with the update. Through this, Exiles can actually earn experience points across the board. This includes for pets, horses, and thralls alike. There will also be random perks introduced with this system.

Creative director Joel Bylos talked a little bit about how the update will give players what they want. He notes that “mounts and mounted combat have been a part of the dream” since Conan Exiles began development. Now, the team finds it “exciting to finally deliver” and let players ride around and joust to their heart’s content.

The trailer above provides details on how these will slip into place with the update. It joins the new Riders of Hyboria DLC available for the game today. Fans can buy it for $9.99 USD, or it can be downloaded for free as part of the Year 2 Season Pass. The pack includes a pair of exclusive mount skins and other items to “pimp” your ride just the way you want it.

More information is available on the official Conan Exiles page.

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