Conan Exiles patch 15.2.2017 out now

Conan Exiles patch 15.2.2017 out now

The Conan Exiles patch detailed last night has been released today, and named version 15.2.2017 after its date of release. As far as I can tell the list of changes and features hasn’t altered, so refer to the previous news story (or the Steam post) for those details.

What does appear to be new is a set of known issues included by Funcom. They mostly appear to be inventory problems, and the studio says they can be (temporarily) solved by “relogging”. That presumably means logging out of the server and back in again.

They’re also investigating an issue where “waterskins cannot be filled at a nearby river”, and looking at “an issue where foundations and placeables do not have a visible preview when in single player/local mode.” Conan Exile’s own version of rocket jumping, boosting with explosive jars, is in line for a ‘fix’ in future too.

Here are the known issues with the inventory.

  • Looting several bags with “Loot All” causes items to disappear.
  • Dropping multiple items into a bag causes items to be invisible.
  • Dismantling crafting stations with items in them will sometimes not drop a loot bag. Other times, a small lootbag will drop, which grows in size once players interact with it.
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