Conan Exiles Dev Kit releases, Steam Workshop open and game breaks even

Conan Exiles Dev Kit releases, Steam Workshop open and game breaks even

An update sent over by Funcom today indicates that Conan Exiles has been relatively successful since it went into Early Access.

Funcom has revealed that it has sold 320,00 copies which has covered development costs on the game so far.

“We are deeply humbled and very grateful for the initial success of Conan Exiles,” says Funcom CEO Rui Casais. “Funcom has gone through some challenging times in recent years and seeing the game we have poured so much time and effort into gain this amount of traction so quickly is very invigorating for everyone who works here. This is just the start of the Early Access adventure and we will do whatever it takes to make sure Conan Exiles turns into a fully-fledged game that has something to offer new and old fans of both Conan and survival games.”

In other news, the Conan Exiles Dev Kit has now been released for modders and once mods are created they can be posted onto the Steam Workshop from today, although the Workshop doesn’t appear to be live at the time of writing. To start creating mods via the custom dev kit, the Unreal Engine launcher is required and can be picked up from the Unreal Engine website.

A new patch has also landed today which allows players to connect to a server by entering an IP. This is just the latest in a long line of patches this week.

Funcom will be revealing more details about the future of Conan Exiles at GDC later this month.


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