A forthcoming magazine feature about Deus Ex: Human Revolution seeks to clarify details of difficulty levels in the game, but may have confused the issue further.
Back in October 2010, Games.On.Net ran an interview with someone they credited as ‘Sebastien Bich’ a marketing and communications director for the game. When asked about difficulty levels in the title, Bich said “It’s one difficulty to rule them all” and followed up with the statement that “[The difficulty] scales based on how much experience points you have, and how you level up within the game.”
Now, a teaser for a forthcoming PC Gamer feature claims that producer David Anfossi has refuted those previous statements. “That person was either drunk or doesn’t work here,” Anfossi is quoted as saying. “We have three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal and Hard. There’s no adaptation of the difficulty at all, we don’t have anything like that.”
Fairly cut and dried, it appears. However, the PC Gamer piece curiously refers to the original interviewee as ‘Matt Birch’ instead of Sebastien Bich.
I’m far more inclined to trust the word of a producer (Anfossi) on how the difficulty levels are implemented in-game than a mysterious marketing director. What seems strange is that said marketing director is referred to with two completely different names.
When searching for clarification of who the real marketing director is, I can only find references to either the Games.On.Net interview or the newly released PC Gamer teaser. Outside of these pieces, neither Matt nor Sebastien seem to have spoken to anybody about anything; quite odd for a ‘marketing director.’ Maybe Adam Jensen can investigate this in the game.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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