Conquer The Universe With Hamsters

SneakyBox Studios would like to introduce you to Hamster Universe.

Be a leader – lead your hamster army to conquer the universe. There are millions of unemployed hamsters who are able to generate energy and become heroes. Build your hamster army, generate energy, buy your hamsters super shoes, helmets and capes to make universe your home.  Share hamster universe with everyone and become the one.


There are millions of hamsters who live in a daily routine. Eating, sleeping and running. But it’s time to change it! One hamster from Lithuania decided to change everything in hamster’s life and rule the universe. Hamster has left home and took only brave spirit and spinning wheel with it. Help this brave hamster running all over the universe and gathering only the bravest hamsters who are not afraid to become the only universe rulers. 


  • Build your army up to 30 hamsters;
  • Unlimited updates;
  • Make as much energy as you can;
  • Easily share with friends;
  • Customize your hamsters with super hero items.

Game is currently available on Android operating system. Support for other platforms coming soon.

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