Current generation consoles do not have enough memory, “by a large factor”, to be able to run the Total War games, Mike Simpson of The Creative Assembly has said.
    However, the studio is thinking ahead to the next-generation and the possibility of bringing the turn-based strategy series to the console market.
    Simpson, Creative Assembley’s studio director, commented:
    “The current generation of consoles just can’t cope – they don’t have enough memory, by a large factor. Those technical reasons are probably the only reasons.
    “A lot of people think that UI’s a problem, because no one’s really done it well before. I don’t think that’s a fundamental thing – I just think it’s simply that no one’s really done it very well before. A lot of the games have been ports of PC games without too much thought having gone into it.”
    The Creative Assembley is one of the UK studios that looks as though it will avoid any downsizing in the wake of news that parent company Sega is to restructure it games business.
    Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai has recently launched, here’s a trailer:
    Source: EG

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