Consoles can’t handle Star Citizen

Yeah, you read that right, up front. Cloud Imperium Games has stated matter-of-factly that gaming consoles, even Xbox One and Playstation 4, aren’t powerful enough for Star Citizen.

Here’s the full statement from Cloud Imperium Games’ Eric Peterson:

First and foremost, consoles couldn’t possibly handle a game like Star Citizen. Chris and I grew up with PC games and in the last few years we had the feeling that PC had been pushed aside, with most games coming out as mere console ports with graphics that didn’t really exploit the power of PC. Gaming PCs right now are formidable, with powerful CPUs and GPUs. Even next-generation consoles cannot be compared, their internal components are already older than what I could add to a gaming PC today.

To be clear, lower end PC rigs will also be able to play Star Citizen, but of course, capabilities will be gimped based on your setup. If you were hoping to get this game on your Playstation 4 or Xbox One, you may as well forget it.

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