Enter our contest for your chance to win a Steam copy of Yuppie Psycho!

Get to work on winning a Steam copy of Yuppie Psycho in today’s contest!

This one eluded my weekly roundup of weird games, but let me assure you it belongs there. There’s nothing I love more than a strange setup that almost immediately goes off the deep end. This one definitely does that.

Enter our contest, and win yourself a Steam copy of Yuppie Psycho!

Yuppie Psycho

Set in a ’90s dystopia, this survival horror/adventure title sees main character Brian Pasternack in his first day at his new job at Sintracorp. During orientation, he discovers he’s been hired to hunt and kill the witch who made the company what it is today. Pretty normal, I’d say. The witch is back to torment the building’s workers, so Brian must hunt for clues, discover secrets of the past, and explore the buildings nooks and crannies to figure out just what the hell is going on. I hope he lets me know when he finds out, because I surely don’t.

Look at these game features!

  • Familiarize Yourself with Your Workspace: Use the elevator to discover who’s working and what’s lurking on every floor of Sintracorp.
  • Learn Office Protocol: Learn when to chat, when to work, and when to cower in terror from otherworldly beings.
  • Engage in Watercooler Conversation: Investigate your co-workers and discover their sordid, blood-soaked secrets.
  • Consider your five-year goal: Only you can choose how this story will end, so make your decisions carefully!
  • Assess health and safety: Use different light methods to light your path and reveal what is breathing in the dark.
  • Conduct a Rigorous Personal Assessment: Find clues, solve riddles, discover new paths – all without letting the Witch catch you!

Yep, this is definitely another one I’d play if I had a gaming computer. Can’t win ’em all, I guess.

How To Win

To enter to win your copy, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can repeat daily for additional chances to win. For bonus entries, follow PCI on Twitter and share our contest post with your friends!

While you’re waiting, comment below telling us about your worst job ever. Or your best job. Or your weirdest. Just don’t tell me anything normal. I’m not interested in how you went to work very fulfilled and left satisfied with the world. Make it interesting for me!

We have five Steam copies to hand out. Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, May 14.

Yuppie Psycho is available now on PC. You can head over to our sister site Destructoid for more chances to win!

PCI Contest: Win A Steam Copy Of Yuppie Psycho

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