In today's contest, you can win a Steam copy of Speed Brawl!

In today’s contest, you can win a Steam copy of Speed Brawl!

I know we typically give out new games, but where’s the love for the older titles? I mean, it’s like someone who won’t watch a movie because it’s like two years old. It’s rude. I don’t like that. Let’s give some love to the older guys.

Speed Brawl isn’t new, but it’s still damned awesome. This runner-meets-brawler title deserves some love, so win yourself a free copy for Steam!

Speed Brawl

Entertainment is king; love live entertainment! After a decade-long war against an insectoid alien invasion, the British empire has finally won and stabilized, making the once-conquerors now pawns in a new sport. This sport is Speed Brawl, where competitors use speed and violence to create bombastic combo strings aimed at keeping the momentum alive. Game features include:

  • 6 Unique Brawlers with their own play styles
  • Loads of upgrades to customize each fighter and blast through the competition
  • Razor sharp visuals and beautifully animated characters
  • Over 50 unique action-packed events and races to wade through across multiple Speed Brawl Leagues.
  • Local and online co-operative play through the whole campaign!

I’m already out of breath just reading about it. You guys go on ahead.

How To Win

To enter to win your copy, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. For bonus entries, click around and follow the instructions within.

We have ten Steam copies to give away; winners will be drawn Monday, May 18.

Speed Brawl is available now for PC and consoles. You can hit up Destructoid for more chances to win a copy!

PCI Contest: Stretch out them quads, because you’re about to win a Steam copy of Speed Brawl

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