We've got Steam copies of Viking survival game RPG to give away in today's contest!

In today’s contest, we’re giving away copies of Viking survival RPG Valnir Rok!

Lots of us are stuck at home. If you’re lucky, you’re able to still work and earn an income. If you’re not, then it’s going to be a long couple of [hopefully only] weeks. Godspeed, my friends.

Either way, we’re all being advised to stay at home and avoid the human race. Why not take a free game while you’re there so you can at least have some fun while you’re grounded? We’ve got some PC copies of Valnir Rok to give away, so come win one. You deserve it.

Valnir Rok

I’ll let the devs take the wheel to tell you all about it.

Valnir Rok is an online sandbox survival roleplaying game inspired by Norse mythology. Players will awaken to find themselves on Valnir Island and must do whatever it takes to survive in a land of wild animals, mythical beasts, and violent men. As a hardened Viking warrior, butcher your enemies in bloody combat, build and improve village structures, and form a clan to expand your power and reputation. Battle against opposing clans, place bounties on hated enemies, and discover ruin artifacts to gain favor with the gods with great deeds and holy sacrifices. Might makes right in the Viking world of Valnir Rok.


  • Story and Quests by bestselling author Giles Kristian
  • Craft items, Cook meals, Brew potions
  • Build houses, fortify your clan base and employ NPC guards
  • Worship the gods and win the favour of your favourite god.
  • Learn professions and receive divine skills.
  • Fight in the Arena (PVP and PVE).
  • Explore living cities, former elven towns and dwarven mines.
  • Ride horses
  • Enter dungeons and huge labyrinths
  • Trade in cities and grow your own plants and crops

Also, there’s a giant dragon in the header is about to burn the crap out of some dudes. That’s pretty metal.

How To Win

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. Click around for fun ways to earn bonus entries, and actually listen to my songs, you jerks.

We have five Steam Early Access keys to give away; winners will be drawn Friday, March 27. Hit up our sister site, PC Invasion, for more chances to win.

Valnir Rok is available now via Steam Early Access.

PCI Contest: While you work from home, slay from home in Viking survival game Valnir Rock

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