Enter our contest for your chance to win a Steam copy of historical shmup Jamestown+

In today’s contest, we’re giving away Steam copies of acclaimed shmup Jamestown+!

For the last time, I don’t have anymore autographed Lorenzo Lamas pictures to give away, so stop asking! I’m tired of getting inundated with these requests, so please, just track him down and make him sign a headshot while he’s trying to eat his Chipotle like the rest of us.

What I do have is a couple of copies of Jamestown+ to give away, though! It’s almost as good as Lorenzo’s signature. Jamestown+ just hit Steam, and to celebrate we’re giving it away. Not bad, eh?


Jamestown+ is kinda like the original Jamestown, but…uh…plus! This historically accurate shmup sees English settlers through their conquest of Mars, which most likely actually happened. It’s a shmup, so expect lots of bullets, power-ups, and level restarts as you weave in and out of Martian fire. This enhanced version of the original adds new levels, new enemies, and local co-op so you and up to three other friends can learn history together. Yay!

Since this is such a momentous event, the kind folks over at Final Form Games decided that the best way to get people to play their game is to give it to them for free. So that’s what we’re doing!

How To Win

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily for bonus entries. There are also some other ways to gain entries, so just click around in there and figure it out, yo.

We have five Steam keys to give away. Winners will be drawn Thursday, December 26.

Jamestown+ is available now for Steam.

PCI Contest: Win a brand new Switch and a copy of Jamestown+, just in time for Christmas

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