Control Awe Expansion Arrives August 27 & A Remedy Connected Universe Is Born (2)

Following the first expansion, The Foundation, for Remedy Entertainment’s wonderful Control, we now have more of an idea as to what comes next. The Control: AWE expansion, long teased to be connected to the Alan Wake universe, got a trailer at Sony’s State of Play presentation and definitely gave off more of that awesome Control vibe.

In the trailer, there are the familiar sounds of a typewriter. The warning of  “Whatever you do, stay in the light,” further alludes to Alan Wake‘s gameplay. Finally, we got a look at a much more seasoned appearance of Alan Wake himself. Definitely more rugged and older, who can blame him? Life in an altered world event must be a rough existence. An August 27 date has been confirmed, and Remedy shared more about the Control: AWE expansion via the PlayStation Blog.

Making sense

“First of all, what is an AWE? It’s short for Altered World Event, which occur when paranatural forces breach our world. Sometimes, AWEs are minor and go unnoticed. However, sometimes AWEs cause catastrophic events,” Thomas Puha, communications director at Remedy explained. “Historically, the Investigations Sector was where the Federal Bureau of Control’s dangerous work of searching for AWE cases was coordinated from, and where evidence was stored… until things went horribly, horribly wrong, and the sector was sealed off years ago.”

As Director, Jesse Faden has to reclaim this area for the Bureau. Doing so requires the exploration of several AWEs, including “one from the town of Bright Falls.”

Control: Awe Expansion Arrives August 27 & A Remedy Connected Universe Is Born (1)

To make things easier, the Control: AWE expansion will add a new form for the Service Weapon. The Surge will function as a grenade launcher, firing off explosives that can be remotely detonated. This will come in handy against a new foe, the Hiss Airborne Ranger.

More mysterious content

The Control: AWE expansion will add more replayability to the game, literally. An Altered Item that looks like an arcade machine will allow players to replay four boss fights from the campaign, plus the Ashtray Maze. There is also a new horde mode, with a few new surprises lying in wait. In addition to all of that, a separate free update is also incoming. This will bring a new ability upgrade, additional usability options, and more checkpoints added to some of the trickier campaign missions.

Control: Awe Expansion Arrives August 27 & A Remedy Connected Universe Is Born (3)

Remedy Entertainment is great at what they do, and like always, they left with a tease.

“Over the years, we have included Easter eggs in our games that related some of Remedy’s games to each other, as you have seen if you played Control… but what if they were not all just Easter eggs? What if there’s actually been a plan in place for over a decade on how some of our games are connected – a Remedy Connected Universe, if you will – and payoff for certain things is… down the line?” Puha stated at the end of the post.

That is some great teasing there. For what it is worth, I am intrigued. The Control: AWE expansion arrives August 27.

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