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Control, the upcoming third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment, will be releasing in roughly three weeks. Even so, we still don’t know much about it. Apart from some gameplay previews and other short videos with “story” details, the game’s narrative remains mostly a mystery. There’s something about “The Hiss” and the FBC, but I mostly know Control as that game with atypical architecture.

Well, to get people up to speed for its August 27 release, a new teaser has been uploaded that is said to explain the plot a little better. Let’s take a look and see how successful it is.

What is Control?

Yeah, I still have no idea what is going on here. The game certainly looks pretty, and I’m very fond of Remedy’s past titles, but Control is an unknown entity. Honestly, that’s really refreshing in 2019. So often with games media, we learn literally everything there is to know about a game before it launches, ruining any potential surprises the developers may have included. I don’t have the luxury of ignoring all of that hype, what with my being a writer for a news website. Yet here, Remedy has somehow avoided dumping all kinds of info on us. Despite this being an explanation, it could have just as easily been 47 seconds of director Sam Lake saying, “Control is our next game.” That would be practically the same.

Whatever the case, I am anticipating Control to be solid. Remedy’s worst game is still a solid action title, so I don’t doubt that Control will maintain the studio’s pedigree. It’ll probably also have a really well-written, thorough plot that is maybe a bit too scientifically researched for its own good. Regardless, Control will launch on August 27 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Get ready to face “The Enemy Within” and assume Control.

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