Convert Valorant Sensitivity To Warzone 2.0

Competitive shooters like the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone 2 can often be intense gameplay experiences. Players want to use every advantage they can find to gain the upper hand on their rival players and earn the victory. That might mean taking advantage of some unfortunate glitches in the game, but it could also be by simply improving their own skill. Improving your aim on mouse and keyboard will likely have an impact on your gameplay, and one way to do that is to ensure you have the correct mouse sensitivity.

Sensitivity varies from one shooter to another, but many players who enjoy competitive PC shooters have found a suitable control setup in Valorant from developer Riot Games. Players who are now switching from Valorant to check out Warzone 2 might be wondering if they can get a similar sensitivity in it, and here is how it can be done.

Converting Valorant sensitivity to Warzone 2

Valorant and Warzone 2 are very different styles of first-person shooters. They have their own gameplay pace, but that doesn’t mean a similar mouse sensitivity cannot be achieved. The simplest method to carry over your sensitivity is to do it manually. First, understand that a sensitivity value of ‘1’ in Valorant is about ‘10.6’ in Warzone 2. With that ratio in mind, you can convert your preferred settings with some simple calculations.

If you do not wish to figure out your settings manually, there are also various third-party tools that will assist with ensuring you have a similar Valorant and Warzone 2 sensitivity. One of these is called On this website, all you have to do is select Valorant and Warzone 2 from a drop-down menu and input the sensitivity you desire. It will then let you know the precise settings to change in Warzone 2.

Another third-party website for doing this is GamingSmart, which works in much the same way. However, GamingSmart will also allow you to convert your sensitivity based on your mouse DPI if you want to be extra precise.

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