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‘Cook Serve Forever’ is coming to Steam early next year

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Developer Vertigo Gaming has confirmed that Cook Serve Forever will launch on Steam in 2023. It is the successor to Cook, Serve, Delicious!, a management game series all about running a restaurant. The initial announcement trailer is for a Steam launch but Vertico Gaming does state that other platforms and storefronts are “set to be announced soon!”

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This new IP will feature hundreds of different food recipes for players to experiment with. Also, the developer promises it will deliver a dramatic fully-voiced narrative, compelling sidequests, and gorgeous artwork. Those interested can now add Vertigo Gaming’s latest adventure to their Steam wishlist in order to not miss out on any future updates.


The Steam page entry for Cook Serve Forever provides some extra insight as to what to expect. This includes the allure of a story that offers “dozens of hours of gameplay.” One unique selling point that will appeal to some people is the inclusion of local co-op. It’s a dying feature that isn’t overly common in newer games but is present here. In fact, you’ll be able to play through the entire campaign alongside a buddy of choice.

Those more interested in the audio side of game development will be excited to hear that the soundtrack is being composed by Jonathan Geer. Geer previously worked on Cook, Serve Delicious!, Owlboy, and Undead Horde. Equally, the story will borrow the voice of Elspeth Eastman who is best known for her portrayal of Tristana in League of Legends.

Sale time

To celebrate the announcement of Cook Serve Forever, all three games in the Cook Serve, Delicious! series are now on sale. The first two entries are 75% off, with the third game being 60% off. Alternatively, you can purchase the The Cook, Serve, Delicious Trilogy! bundle for just over $10 USD.

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