Cooking Simulator Shelter Dlc 3 pc game pass august 2022

You can pretty much live out whatever your wildest fantasies are in video games. Mage, racecar driver, or Spartan soldier, the options are seemingly endless. If you find yourself more on the tamer side, then something like Cooking Simulator might be the right choice on the menu. Just when playing a cooking sim seemed like a safe bet, the team at Big Cheese Studio has announced a post-apocalyptic addition to your time in the kitchen with its new Shelter DLC.

The new DLC for Cooking Simulator brings the nuclear fallout to enjoy with a nice chianti. The Shelter content will have you cooking for your underground pals in an addition to the story mode. You’ll takeĀ shelter in a bunker and whip up goodies, using your cooking skills to find your lost relatives. If you want full immersion into the desolate future, fear not. The future is filled with mutated meat that you’ll use for your meals. The DLC also promises the ability to grow your own mushrooms and vegetables amidst the wasteland environment. How appetizing.


What’s stew with you?

The additional content seems like you’ll be doing more than just shilling out a few meals and scurrying on your way. As you enter the lands of Sector 12, you’ll assist the locals by providing them with fried, baked, and broiled sustenance. During this time, you’ll become the main provider of prepared food in the region. The underground vault will now be your culinary canvas to prepare food for caravans and obtain resources. You can also trade the foods you create for additional resources amongst each one of the settlements in the Sector 12 sandbox.

Cooking Simulator Shelter Dlc 4


The Cooking Simulator Shelter DLC is currently available on Steam for $11.99 USD. Although with the content pack droping today, it has received a 15% discount and is available for $10.19 USD. If that doesn’t whet your radioactive appetite, then maybe the glowing mushrooms in Sector 12 will.

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