Coromon is a Pokémon-like monster tamer releasing in early 2022

Coromon Gameplay

Many developers have tried to recreate the wonders of Pokémon. The next one trying to make its mark in the monster taming genre is Coromon, which will release on PC via Steam in Q1 of 2022. The release window was revealed during the Freedom Games showcase during E3.

New monster taming games are always exciting. You get to see a new take on the genre, explore a new wondrous world, and experience a new story. Best of all, you get to discover and tame hundreds of new creatures for battle.


According to publisher Freedom Games, Coromon is a fresh take on the beloved game genre. It features dungeons packed with puzzles, a tactical battle system, and multi-stage boss fights. That last element sounds particularly interesting.

What to expect from Coromon

As you would expect from any monster tamer, there are numerous regions to explore. Each one is unique and home to different types of creatures. Coromon offers players a chance to discover and tame over 120 creatures. Each Coromon can also be trained to suit your playstyle with a stat customization feature.

Coromon Release Date

You can also customize your character to suit your style. Coromon will give you hundreds of cosmetic options to wear throughout your journey.

There are also additional difficulty levels to increase the challenge. For those who really like to punish themselves, there will be a Nuzlocke mode, where the Coromon will die instead of getting knocked out.

You can get a good idea of what sets Coromon apart from other monster tamers in the features trailer that was released earlier this year.

Q1 2022 is still a long way off. Fortunately, there’s a Coromon demo you can play to pass the time while you wait for the release. You can download the demo and wishlist the monster tamer on Steam.

Alternatively, you can also dive into the world of Temtem, a monster-tamer MMORPG from Crema and Humble Games. Another monster tamer-style game coming in 2022 is Palworld. You can check out the reveal trailer here.

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