Corsair 5000d Liquid Cooling Hydro Series Case

AIOs tend to be all the rage these days for advanced cooling solutions. However, custom liquid cooling is definitely not something to be counted out. Aside from the killer looks of colorful translucent pipes running throughout your PC, you can have a lot more control over how the system performs and is laid out. Yet while the benefits of a custom liquid-cooled system are impressive, it’s a lot of work to build and design one that performs and looks good. If you dig the idea of giving it a shot but would like something a little more straightforward, the new Corsair 5000D Hydro Series is worth checking out.

Built on Corsair’s latest airflow-prioritized case design, the 5000D Hydro Series comes with a pre-installed 360mm Hydro X Series XD7 RGB pump and reservoir combo. There’s also an included Commander Pro controller to address all of your custom lighting and fan speed preferences. What’s particularly noteworthy about this case is that you can slot in two 360mm radiators as well for pinnacle performance potential, or maybe just overkill. Then again, Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are using ridiculous amounts of power in various products these days. All this cooling could be worth it for high-end systems. Regardless, you’ll definitely have time to think that all over if you start saving up for one of these cases.


At $350 USD, the Corsair 5000D Hydro Series isn’t cheap, but it does provide a platform with a lot of potential for the true performance enthusiasts out there. To put that price further into perspective, the iCUE 5000X comes in at $205 USD. That too is an expensive case in itself, but we did review it and found the build quality, looks, modularity, cooling potential, and other features to be worth the price. Since the Corsair 5000D Hydro Series is built on the same design, it will likely justify the tall price tag for those interested. You can learn more about this water cooling platform on Corsair’s website.

Corsair Liquid Cooled Case Hydro Series 5000d

If you prefer wind in your sails

If you’d rather stick to air cooling and simple AIO closed liquid cooling solutions though, Corsair also announced its Signature Series for the 5000X case. Unlike the 5000D Hydro Series, it comes with three case fans to keep things cool. The Signature Series isn’t functionally different from the standard 5000X, but it includes unique print designs on the exterior glass for added flare. You’ll of course pay more for the styling. Check them out below and learn more on the Corsair 5000X Signature Series product page.

Corsair 5000x Icue Pc Case Rgb

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