Corsair acquires custom PC maker Origin PC

Origin PC announced today on Twitter that it is now a part of the Corsair family. The hardware developer confirmed the acquisition, welcoming the pre-built custom PC maker into its fold. The acquisition is clearly a bid to expand Corsair’s reach to a PC gaming audience that isn’t interested in building and maintaining their own custom PCs. There are many PC gamers who don’t want to bother with the know-how and the risks of building their own rigs, which is obviously fine. Opting for a pre-built machine from a custom PC maker comes with some extra benefits, after all. Corsair is definitely making a very sound investment.

Corsair is no stranger to pre-built custom PCs either, particularly with its Corsair One product line. However, Origin PC is decidedly a more specialized company that will offer customers a much more comprehensive product and customer service. Established in 2009 by former Alienware employees, Origin PC started as a return to the roots of custom, high-performance PCs for gamers and hardware enthusiasts. Not to mention it has more affordable prices, in contrast with Alienware’s sometimes inaccessible products.

Corsair’s PC growing gaming empire

Last year, Corsair also acquired Elgato, particularly for its live-streaming capture cards in a bid to establish more dominance in that emerging economy of the gaming market. The acquisition of Origin PC will also likely play an essential role in expanding Corsair’s dominance in PC gaming. Many console gamers opt to go multi-platform these days, and many of those won’t venture into the cerebral pleasures of building their own rigs. That’s not a problem, and that’s why companies like Origin PC exist.

The investment will no doubt pave the way to make Corsair an even more recognizable brand in the PC gaming market. Earlier this week, we saw Origin PC show off the rather monstrous concept computer of an all-in-one gaming machine that features every major console in a single case. It’s called The Origin Big O, and it has an Xbox One X, a PlayStation 4 Pro, a Nintendo Switch, and a powerful PC gaming build all in a single, monstrous case. It was a creative way of displaying the full power of PC gaming in an inclusive way as well.

Integrated products and beyond

According to Origin PC’s official announcement, it will remain a separate brand within Corsair, and it will continue to operate from its Miami Offices. All existing warranties, purchases, and support contracts remain in service, and Origin will continue to provide its customer support. The announcement also comes with an FAQ to settle customers’ questions. For instance, will Origin PC offer only Corsair products in its PC builds going forward? No, it will continue to offer customers options, allowing them to choose from other brands already certified by Origin PC.

Corsair will announce further cooperation and integration of Corsair products in Origin PCs in the near future. For now, Origin PC will integrate Corsair’s iCUE software ecosystem into its PCs, offering customers lightning synchronization and performance monitoring. The recently announced range of Corsair Hydro X custom coolers will also feature in select Origin PC builds. And Corsair will also continue to offer its own range of systems such as the already mentioned Corsair One.

What do you think of the acquisition? Do you approve of Corsair’s products? Have you bought an Origin PC rig? Drop your comments below!

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