Corsair K70 Pro Mini 60% Rgb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Wireless

If there’s one category of gaming accessories that we could call a crowded market, it’d definitely be gaming keyboards. Despite the competitiveness, Corsair’s managed to become a market leader in this category with wide feature sets, specs, and build quality that’s tough to beat for the money. This is likely why Corsair’s refreshing popular keyboard designs with new features such as the K70 Pro Mini Wireless.

This latest version of Corsair’s 60% Mini series is definitely the most complex design and the most expensive. However, it’s something truly comprehensive for those who appreciate premium compact mechanical gaming keyboards that don’t go completely bonkers on costs.


Make it yours, and keep it for years

The main draw for most with this new model is likely the hot-swappable switches. This specification adds both value and customizability, which is great to see for expensive gaming keyboards. Anyone that’s ever experienced a bad switch on a soldered board knows the disappoint of having to junk the whole thing over one faulty component.

That’s not a problem with the K70 Mini. You can simply replace any bad switch or stabilizer. Alternately, you can modify the board as you wish with any standard MX switch.

Aside from this, you get a healthy dose of customizability via the iCUE software utility where you can set all of your profiles, hardware settings, response rates, RGB patterns, and more.

Building on something already great

We reviewed the similar K65 Mini that launched in 2021 and had more than a few good things to say about it. At $179.99 USD, the Pro Wireless version certainly reaches a new price tier, but it also features low-latency wireless functionality with up to 200 hours of use per charge, an aluminum frame, and an RGB light bar the spans the perimeter base of the board.

There’s plenty more to this keyboard aside from what we covered here. If interested, you can check out the full Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless keyboard product page on Corsair’s website to learn more about the full specs and design. Alternately, you could check out the K65 Mini if you like the idea of this board but want something more affordable.

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