The Cossacks strategy series returns to the PC with Cossacks 3 on 20 September, GSC Game World announced today. Said to be a “remake of the classic game” from 2000, Cossacks 3 will give you command of one of twelve 17th and 18th Century nations.

Having not played the original game, I’m not going to be contributing too many insights. But it sounds like it’s an RTS title based around the familiar mechanics of building construction, raw material collection, and large scale battles involving many different unit types (70, according to the press release).

Cossacks 3 will launch with five historic single player campaigns to try your hand at, plus a multiplayer mode for up to eight players. Here’s a feature list.

⦁    12 nations
⦁    70 different types of units
⦁    100 research opportunities
⦁    140 different historic buildings
⦁    Battles ashore and at sea
⦁    Five historic singleplayer campaigns
⦁    Multiplayer mode for up to 8 players

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